Collection: CommuniTEA Campaign

It has been one year since we've said yes to this vision and here are our highlights!

  • We now have 5 CommuniTEA Collaborations with businesses ranging from health food stores to pilates studios and fine dining establishments who are offering our craft tea blends...
  • We have established ourselves in a location in our hometown and created a healing space for the greater community offering herbal education, somatic practices, communiTEA craftshops, and even holding space for ceremonies celebrating transitional events...
  • We have expanded from our original 4 blends to now offering 10 beautifully unique blends for every mood and need...
As we enter our second year - and with an incredible cosmic event coming up - we have decided to create a raffle to say thank you to our loyal customers and give away some pretty exciting packages!

Raffle ticket prices are as follows:
$5 ticket - 1 tea of your choice ($20 value)
$10 ticket - 1 tea of your choice and a CommuniTEA mug ($35 value)
$20 ticket - 3 teas of your choice ($60 value)
$111 ticket  - 1 tea of your choice/month for 12 months! ($250 value)

The raffle drawing will occur at our Yellow Springs Brewery collaboration on Thursday April 25

* Revenue from the raffle will go towards upgrading our packaging and services offered*

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