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Healing CommuniTEA with Love

Are you a budding Herbalist with the desire to learn about plant medicine?

Are you already experienced in plant properties, looking for continuing education and access to beautiful hand-crafted tea blends?

Maybe you are looking to start your own Apothecary...

Maybe you just want to be able to easily purchase organic herbs through a family's small business...


Whatever you are looking for we've got it! 

Tea Blends, Herbal Education and CommuniTEA Healing Circles

We are a mother-daughter company that is dedicated to healing and increasing access to herbal education. Founded in 2022, we had a vision for the world: CommuniTEA blends in every kitchen, herbal apothecaries in every home, an herbalist in every family, and CommuniTEA parties for every occasion. Now we are making that vision a reality by opening up a location in downtown Yellow Springs, Ohio! Located at 108 Dayton St. Downtown YS, we are very excited to be able to offer many upcoming craftshops, yoga classes, and other special events. 


Our teas are not intended to treat or prevent disease. If you have a serious health problem or are taking any medications, we recommend that you consult with a competant healthcare practitioner.