Restoryative Somatics

ReStoryative Somatics Individual Healing Sessions:

ReStoryative Somatics healing sessions focus on supporting the nervous system first, in service to healing the entirety of the body/mind/spirit ecosystem.  Sessions may include a combination of somatic experience/ somatic trauma resolution, gentle bodywork, cranio sacral therapy, breathwork, hot stones, guided meditation, reiki, herbal or nutritional consultation, and/or self-awareness and  relational healing practices. 


ReStoryative Somatics Relational Consultations:

1:1 or 1:2 Sessions in Person

ReStoryative Somatics Consultations are to support embodied learning of somatic skills, trauma informed care principles, and practice of  self - regulation in service to co-regulation as a leadership skill. Consultations provide a somatic - oriented, healing lens to support healers, helpers, holders of spaces, parents, educators, counselors, and those in leadership roles in increasing capacity for relational resilience and tools for navigating difficult conversations, growing edges or tender areas of conflict or stagnation.

Examples of relational somatic consultations: intimate or business partners, family systems healing generational trauma;  organizational systems working for change; pregnant person, with doula, nurse, midwife, or OB. 


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